Occasional Sleeplessness

How to prevent and treat occasional sleeplessness

Whether it’s jet lag, something on your mind, or just something you ate, occasional sleeplessness can happen, well… occasionally.

What are the symptoms of occasional sleeplessness?

The following symptoms may accompany occasional sleeplessness:

How can I avoid occasional sleeplessness?

We don’t always know when occasional sleeplessness will hit, but here are some ways to help avoid it:

  • Avoid eating too close to bedtime and limit your caffeine intake during the day.
  • Get regular exercise – just make sure it’s at least two hours before your bedtime.
  • If you’re travelling, try to minimize jet lag by gradually adjusting your sleeping schedule to the new time zone in the days leading up to your trip.

How can I treat occasional sleeplessness?

  • Slow breathing exercises before bedtime can help you relax.
  • Turn off devices or electronics that will keep you up, including your phone, tablet or TV.
  • When travelling, get some sunlight to help yourself adjust once you arrive.
  • Use GRAVOLTM Ginger Nighttime to help treat your occasional sleeplessness. It contains Melatonin to help you get some of that much needed sleep. If travelling, remember to include it on your packing list – it will likely not be available at your destination as GRAVOLTM is predominantly sold in Canada.

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