Made in Canada with Pride

It’s important to know the source of your medications.

Gravol® products are proudly researched, developed and manufactured by a staff of over 100 at Church and Dwight’s facility in Montréal.*

A team of scientists and technicians led by our Pharmaceutical Development Lab Manager, Dr. Adom H. Boudjikanian (PhD Pharmacology, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France), are constantly researching and developing new products. The pharmaceutical drugs produced in Montréal are not only distributed in Canada, but also in the U.S.A., Australia, the Middle East, South America and the Caribbean.

In Canada, we follow strict health and safety guidelines designed to protect consumers and workers. At Church and Dwight, under the guidance of our Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Nathalie Nadeau (B.Sc. University of Quebec), we are proud to meet these high standards of quality.

Our plant in Montréal manufactures 72 million tablets of various Gravol® products per year. Because our site operates according to good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and must comply with Health Canada regulations, each and every one of these products must meet rigorous standards.

This means that all manufacturing ingredients and packaging components used in the production of Gravol® products, for instance, must be tested for quality control and released. A manufacturing recipe to produce Gravol 50mg Filmkote tablets contains 57 pages and 45 different instructions designed to ensure adherence to consistent manufacturing procedures and quality specifications.

At Church and Dwight, we are proud to operate with conviction, accountability and transparency.
You can be sure that your Church and Dwight product is homegrown and meets the highest standards of quality.

*Gravol Natural Source Ginger Lozenges are proudly researched, developed and packaged in Montréal.